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There has never been a more important time for innovation in housing. We are facing unprecedented change and tremendous opportunities in the industry. 

The Internet of Things, evolving consumer needs and expectations, labor shortages, rising codes and standards, and the need to deliver more with less are revolutionizing the way we think about house, home and the homebuilding business. We must stay on top of the changing market to ensure survival. Yet, the housing industry makes the lowest investment in R&D across the board, and margins don't allow for much investment at the company level.

Alone, most lack the money, mindspace and expertise to address the massive change that they are facing. This is where the Housing Innovation Alliance can help.

"All of us are smarter than any one of us."

Smart People. Good Companies.

Leverage the best and brightest minds across the housing value chain to generate collaborative insights and solutions.

Decoding the Internet of Things.

Harness intelligence to drive the connected home and build a connected business. Understand risks and capitalize on opportunities.

Charting a Path Forward.

Understand where the industry is going and adapt. Be aware of disrupters, and don't get left behind.

Connect with us.

We believe that the best ideas come from collaboration. Connect with us to learn how.

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We believe that the best ideas are born out of cross-industry collaboration. Take a time-out from your day-to-day and join…

Save the date for our 2017 Innovation Summit.

Big Builders to Share Quality Insights at Housing Giants Leadership Conference

The Housing Giants Leadership Conference will bring together C-level executives across the areas of operations, sales and marketing, design, purchasing, and finance within…

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Quality not only costs money, it can also make you money.

This year, we're looking at 12 metrics in housing quality management, with new areas defined by our builders.

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