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Construction Instruction® is an innovative company that offers a unique variety of building knowledge through several platforms. With over 70 years of combined experience, Construction Instruction is led by industry experts Mark LaLiberte, Justin Wilson and Gord Cooke, who together represent a deep expert authority in building science.

Their team presents best building practice methods and a “house as a system” approach which ensures that each part of the house works in harmony with the others. In addition to consulting, they also offer a construction app, Construction Instruction. The mobile app provides in-depth home construction videos, animated building details, building science articles, and building product & materials info including installation methods, technical data and other Best Practices information. The Ci App streams content according to your device’s hardware and wireless speeds so videos are not choppy. You can also save pertinent and/or frequently-used content to your Favorites tab for lightning-fast access anywhere — even at the top of a ladder. Construction Instruction has also become renowned for their Ci Live Training sessions. These two-day, small group, hands-on training events enable building professionals to walk away with leading-edge implementation plans and engage in best practice application processes.