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Before launching his own company, Randy spent almost a decade as a senior executive for one of the top 3 US public homebuilders. Under his leadership, his divisions closed over 7,000 homes and produced revenues north of $2 billion. His leadership, land acquisition, strategic positioning and service orientation established the Southern Nevada and Arizona divisions as three of the highest performing builders in the United States in terms of revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Randy's over 25 years experience in home building, land acquisition and development forms the backbone of his company. 

Randall Martin has evolved from their homebuilding roots in 2004 whereby it developed approximately 1,000 lots and closed 450 homes in its first three years of operations. The company now builds, invests, and advises. Current and past partners, and/or clients, include Mountain Real Estate Group, Soundview Real Estate Partners, JCR Capital, and LaTerra Development.