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Shea Homes (AZ, CA, CO, FL, NV, NC, TX, WA) started in 1881 as a small plumbing company in Portland, OR and has become both one of the largest civil construction contractors and one of the largest home builders in the country. The J.F. Shea Co., Inc. prides itself on its history, its family and its people. Bolstered by its core values of honesty and integrity, respect for the individual, teamwork, and competitive spirit, the J.F. Shea Co., Inc. remains one of only a handful of third- and fourth-generation family-owned businesses remaining in the country. The company’s legacy dots the landscape with its contributions to major projects such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hoover Dam and the Bay Area Rapid Transit System. And these are a but a few of the dozens of tunneling, bridge and water projects undertaken by J. F. Shea Heavy Construction.