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Privately-owned and family managed, The Commodore Corporation is one of the largest builders throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest. With divisions in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, their homes are available in over 32 states, from Montana to New Jersey, from Maine to South Carolina. Each facility creates homes designed to meet the regional needs of their customers. Known for innovative designs, outstanding customer satisfaction, and a loyal dealer and builder network, The Commodore Corporation is in the business of producing a high quality home for an affordable price.  

Combining broad customization, better construction technology, less waste, and an experienced workforce, the company's modular homes generally cost less than a comparable site-built homes and are becoming more popular as a way to address the shortage of skilled labor. The company is 100% turnkey: they source the materials, build the modules and ship them to the site. For the energy code they build to a performance standard using REScheck software for code compliance.  Homes have minimum R19 walls and R30 ceilings but the company can add R-value where needed, particularly in very cold markets.