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Trumble, Inc. is a Michigan-based, manufacturing-oriented company that developed and patented Reveal® Plant-Floor-Intelligence software (SaaS), which is revolutionizing today’s manufacturing processes by providing real-time, data-driven notifications of emerging process variation directly to the plant floor in order to prevent production losses. In a world filled with data, Reveal ‘distills the signal from the noise’ and provides clear direction to the plant floor before process variation becomes an issue. Reveal is an out-of-the-box solution that is data agnostic; it can continuously analyze data from current ERP/MES databases, or directly from networked machine PLC’s. It can be installed in 6-8 weeks with no disruption to production and little demand of the manufacturer other than supplying 12 months of historical data to baseline their manufacturing standards. On average, Reveal clients enjoy a 30+% reduction in the cost-of-scrap, rework, and downtime in their first 12 months of use.

Current data management techniques used by typical plant floor systems are good for collecting and organizing data, but operators and other plant-floor personnel – those closest to the process – have little-to-no visibility of what the data is indicating. Converting raw process data into meaningful information and corrective action is usually done by process engineers who perform extensive data mining from multiple disparate systems. Reveal is based on a proactive strategy of automating the data analysis and notifying plant-floor personnel at the onset of variation before (rather than after) it cascades into systemic failure modes. The result is higher production throughput, consistency of quality and reduction of waste.

While it could be argued that any one insight exposed by the automation could be discovered using just the traditional tools and systems, Reveal brings the equivalent of 100’s of Six Sigma Black Belts running 1000’s of queries from multiple sources (plant wide) every 45-60 seconds. The automation strategy employed by Reveal provides a tool set that continuously optimizes the manufacturing value-stream moving processes toward the achievement of 100% Rolled-Throughput-Yield (zero in-plant PPM defective), maximizing JPH (Jobs-Per-Hour) without capital investment in new machinery or increased engineering resources. Real-time, automated analysis of process variation with proactive messaging is essential to enabling the prevention of defects and other forms of disruption to manufacturing throughput.