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BMC is one of the nation’s leading providers of diversified building products and services to professional builders and professional remodelers in the U.S. residential housing market. BMC serves 43 metropolitan areas across 18 states.

READY-FRAME® is BMC’s computerized pre-cut framing solution that helps builders build better, faster, safer and greener than ever before. Each house plan is processed through BMC’s Whole House Design software to optimize material usage and identify potential plan errors that could result in material misuse and waste, and we guarantee the takeoff.

Using proprietary computers and saw equipment, BMC pre-cuts the framing package exactly to plan. The cuts are guaranteed to 1/16th of an inch, labeled and Smart-Bundled – ready for framers to assemble on the jobsite faster with less waste.

READY-FRAME efficiencies translate into optimized builds that are more than 20% faster than stick-frame construction with the same crew (results may vary by market).