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MiTek serves the residential construction industry by helping our customers improve the workflow of their business and by optimizing the structural framing of their homes. We help our customers achieve a new standard of growth & profit through our support, service, software, structural connections, and optimized structural framing. The heart of MiTek is our passion for our customers and a commitment to their long-term success.

MiTek Software Suites
MiTek software is designed with more than BIM modeling in mind. We offer the industry's most powerful software-from solutions for structural design to full production.

Since 1955, MiTek products have been built on innovation and a tradition of thoughtfully crafting one product at a time.

Customer Success Stories
Our customers are why we're in business and we're proud to tell their success stories. We'd honor the opportunity to add your company's story here, too.

MiTek: BETTER WAY TO BUILD | BuildabilityNow
Explore a site operating at maximum efficiency for all the ways you could save on labor, materials and time.

Product Catalogs | USP Structural Connectors
USP Structural Connectors – USA. The 2015-2016 USP Catalog is a comprehensive 236 page guide to the United States product line. 

MiTek: The New Standard
While others hesitate, we innovate. Work with the new standard in industry software, builder products, component manufacturing, service and support.