Our 2022 Interest Areas

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This is where we dig in.

The Alliance is focused on the future of housing. We look for – and push – the tipping points. Taking snapshots in time, we share visions of the future as it’s being driven within individual businesses, as well as a collective vision from across the Alliance network. 

Together, we stay ahead of emerging trends and opportunities for innovation.

Winning in the New Normal

Includes industry consolidation, simplification, adoption of off-site construction, new materials + building methods, quality + risk management, talent development for jobs to be done, evolving roles + relationships, and change management

New Relationships + Revenue Opportunities

Creating customers for life. Includes alternative business + finance models, Build for Rent,  homegrown + 3rd party services, revenue generation vs. risk reduction, lifestyle benefits + the community development perspective.

Digitally Enabled Business


How technology creates greater efficiencies + enables business innovation. Includes workforce collaboration + development; big BIM (design, build, operate, serve); robotics + automation; and market transparency.

Attraction + Retention

A major focus on tool development to engage + inspire new + existing talent. Includes a messaging toolkit, a training + development map, career opportunity + education roadmaps, and connections to internships + mentorships.

Sustainability beyond Energy

Big picture on the future of sustainability in housing, what’s required + the opportunities it affords. Includes the pursuit of carbon neutrality; implications for public policy, business models, land access + development, and finance; as well as impacts on products, materials + supplier relationships.

Each resource we share — whether it’s an event, blog, podcast, video or tool — will be tagged with the interest areas it covers. You will then be able to search at the highest level of the website and in each section to find what’s most valuable to you.

While our areas of interest may change from year to year, we always dig into the meat of things from four different perspectives.

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