HerStories in Housing

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HerStories in Housing features women in all facets of the homebuilding industry, in partnership with Dave Cooper, and Myles Biggs, host of Relish the Journey podcast.

Find out:

  • How they got where they are,
  • What they like about the industry,
  • How they navigated through various obstacles,
  • And if they think other women should pursue a career in the housing industry…

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Meet Clara Childress, James Hardie 
After watching the video, check out the podcast with Myles Biggs. Listen in to hear an infectious passion for her work and also for her company. Learn how she got to where she is now and the steps her company is taking to empower women.

Laura Dwyer, Dupont, “We build people’s dreams. How fun is that?”

Sheryl Palmer, Taylor Morrison, shares her story with Betsy Scott just before captivating the room with her keynote presentation at the 2019 Innovation Summit!

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