EEBA Hybrid High Performance Home Summit

JOIN THE ALLIANCE TEAM AT THIS YEAR'S SUMMIT AND GET 20% OFF OF REGISTRATION. Reach for the Summit: A Future Where Every Home is High Performing, Healthy + Resilient The Alliance will be joining EEBA on September 14-16, 2021 in Denver, CO for a High Performance Home Summit focused on providing the tools and networking […]

September 2021 | Road Trip | Los Angeles

Betsy Scott is excited to host a panel discussion with Paul Erhardt of Mandalay Homes and Bill Rectanus of Thrive Home Builders on "Purpose + Profitability" at this year's Builder 100 Conference in Dana Point, CA. She'll be staying on Friday, September 10, to visit two exciting companies for factory tours and in-depth interviews and […]

½ Day Event: Digital Transformation

LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY TO REDEFINE BUSINESS Digitization has changed the rules in a number of other industries – with iconic examples from Amazon (print-on-demand vs. publishing), Uber (ride sharing vs. taxi industry) and AirBnB (vacation rentals vs. hotels) to name a few. In housing, we've barely made a dent in digitizing the industry to more efficiently […]

3rd Tuesday: Build For Rent

THE TIPPING POINT FOR INNOVATION IN HOUSING It’s still the Wild West for this asset class. The foundation is set, but the rules of play are being written week by week. With $40B+ in capital waiting to be deployed and starts that are expected to double to more than 120k units per year in the […]

May 2021 | Road Trip | Washington, DC

INNOVATION IN ACTION We will be capturing real world perspectives of innovation in the field – introducing our community and the industry to hot markets, interesting people and industry leading companies. While our members and partners are not able to join us, it doesn’t mean that they have to miss out. We’ll be their eyes […]

½ Day Event: Home as a Service

The housing industry is often compared to the car industry — and for good reason! The sharing economy, and the new financial models that come along with it, have turned the way that we look at products and services on its head. Take cars for example. We can not only buy or lease one, but […]

Livestream: Off-site with Hercuwall

CONCRETE PANELIZATION IN BFR + MULTIFAMILY In April 2019, we conducted a factory visit and site tour in Arizona, checking out their Hercuwall solutions and construction of a build-for-rent development in the field. A lot has happened in two years! They have a new factory, new lines, new machines, new solutions and a new training […]

3rd Tuesday: Rethinking the Supply Chain

Rethinking where + how products + services are sourced + how value is measured + compensated.   As input prices continue to rise and the housing demand-supply gap widens, our industry is reimagining supply chains to target inefficiencies, mitigate risk and reduce waste. This new thinking comes along with evolving expectations, which directly impact how […]

3rd Tuesday: Future of Housing

PERSPECTIVES ON THE FUTURE OF OUR INDUSTRY How will the housing industry evolve over the next three years? And what major changes are on the horizon for the next five to 10? At the start of each year, the International Builders Show and the Consumer Electronics Show give their views on the Future of Housing […]

February 2021 | Road Trip | Pittsburgh

INNOVATION IN ACTION This time around, we’re staying close to home. While members and partners are not able to join us, it doesn’t mean that they have to miss out. We’ll be their eyes and ears! We’ll share the things we plan to look at and questions we intend to ask and invite our community […]