Introducing Innovation Champion: Axel Taleo, Chief Talent Strategist


Axel is your new best friend. He’s the guy to talk to when it comes to navigating the tricky times we’re in. We believe that by creating a clearer picture of where the industry’s headed, we can attract new talent + set them up to succeed for years to come.

To ensure we have what we need to deliver housing + drive innovation, we’ve committed to:

  • Demonstrate that housing is a career, not a gig – with a wide variety of opportunities for professional + economic growth
  • Connect talent to training + development that is relevant, forward-thinking, accessible + affordable
  • Widen the net for a more diverse + inclusive workforce (in the field + in the factory)
  • Redefine the jobs to be done + the training needed for the home delivery + technology solution mix

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Real Life Champions

Maya Sachdeva

Vice President

Hall-Williams Executive Search

Eric Holt, PHD

Assistant Professor

University of Denver

Ralph Baja

National SVP of Customer Engagement + Production

Century Communities

Brek Goin

CEO + Co-Founder

Hammr + Builders of Insta

Champions Wanted

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Join a Working Group. Each of our Working Groups has a specific mission – uncovering opportunities and breaking down barriers for innovation in the production homebuilding sector. We create the initial vision. Then you can grab a chair, bring a friend, and let the ideas flow.

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