Betsy Scott

Executive Director, Programs + Engagement

Housing Innovation Alliance
Betsy is a natural collaborator and storyteller.

As executive director of programs and engagement, she identifies the topics that matter to our network, the experts who can inspire us to think and act differently, and the best ways for us to interact and exchange ideas.

With an inquisitive mind and relentless attention to detail, Betsy excels at digging deeply into complex subjects, looking at them from multiple angles, and connecting the dots. The insights that result are actionable and continue to build over time.

Armed with a degree in Marketing from the University of Pittsburgh, Betsy cut her teeth in the agency world and as an independent B2B and B2C marketing consultant before joining the housing innovation consulting firm IBACOS in 2006—becoming the company's director of marketing and helping to launch the Alliance in 2008.

In her spare time, she can be found working on her century-old house (and the one she rents out next door), trying new recipes + cooking methods, and spending time with her husband and fur children, Watson and Finnegan, at one of Pittsburgh’s many parks and rivers.

Motto: Intent is everything. Without working toward an end in mind, you’re just wasting time.

The #Buzzword I’m crossing off my list? “Innovative.” It has lost its meaning and doesn’t say enough to honor the people, products and ideas that deserve mentioning or to highlight what’s truly special about them.