Meg A. Watt

Project Manager, Programs + Engagement

Housing Innovation Alliance
Meg A. Watt brings a wealth of experience, and bit of fun, to her role as Project Manager, Programs + Engagement.

With an extensive career spanning two decades in most areas of marketing, journalism and relations, she takes a hands-on approach to membership engagement.

Meg is a lifelong learner. She loves the challenge of something new and thrives in the gray area just outside her comfort zone.

When not snuggling her grown kids, hubby or doggie BFFs, Meg can usually be found with a book in her hand or in her headphones. (She reads about 250 books per year and runs a popular book review blog for fun).

When tasked with a #Buzzword she would like to eradicate from her vernacular, it was an obvious choice: “circle back”. We should never have to backtrack to move forward.
  • Attainability
  • ESG + Decarbonization
  • Future of Housing
  • Strategy + Innovation