Natalie Grandinetti

Manager, Communications + Membership

Housing Innovation Alliance
Natalie serves as communications and membership manager –developing strategies to manage and deliver digital content and ensuring that our community receives the most relevant, engaging, and insightful information.

A systems thinker with a background in the arts, she's always searching for unique ways to connect the dots and craft a digestible story –that emphasizes the WHY.

After teaching fine art and art history at Pittsburgh museums + continuing ed programs, Natalie entered the housing industry via AIA Pittsburgh where she managed membership and communications and assisted in event planning.

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Penn State University. In her "free time" she can be found kayaking, gardening, or making art with her husband and three mighty little girls.

Motto: Execution matters as much as inspiration
The #Buzzword I'm crossing out of my vocab is "deep dive!"