Demystifying Innovation in Construction with Danny Small, DaVinci Consulting

Calling all CEOs and Innovation Executives in the construction industry, Daniel Small wants to explain how to innovate in construction without putting your company at risk.

Listen in to discover the structured, Lean Six Sigma-based innovation process that enables anyone to quickly, inexpensively, and consistently develop solutions that address unmet customer needs and leapfrog the competition. Learn how you can not only survive, but LEAD the disruption of construction.

Daniel Small is the Founder & CEO of DaVinci Consulting, an Engineer, Innovator, MBA, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Learn more about DaVinci Consulting and connect with Daniel on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Many thanks to our partners at the University of Denver for their editing and post-production talents, specifically Lija Miller and Lisette Zamora-Galarza.

The University of Denver Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management, teaches the full life cycle of the built environment. From integrated project leadership skills to a cohesive understanding of the built environment ––experience the only school of its kind!

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