FocusCX with Paul Cardis: ICwhatUC

Attention all BUILDERS looking to reduce unneeded service visits, amp up remote communication technology and transform the customer experience with Covid-friendly tools for service. –This one’s for you!

We’d like to introduce a new podcast series, FocusCX hosted by Paul Cardis! In this ongoing series Paul explores how you can disrupt your market through innovative thinking that puts the customer first.

In this episode, you can connect with Luke Krueger and Guillermo Salazar and their new company, ICwhatUC -a remote platform for design in the service industry.

Many thanks to our partners at the University of Denver for their editing and post-production talents, specifically Lija Miller and Lisette Zamora-Galarza.

The University of Denver Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management, teaches the full life cycle of the built environment. From integrated project leadership skills to a cohesive understanding of the built environment ––experience the only school of its kind!

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