Virtual Round Table: Innovative Paths Towards Attainability: Finance

Listen in to this Virtual Round Table Discussion with Margaret Whelan, Whelan Advisory, LLC and Alan Laing, Rheia, LLC.

Historically, in the race for capital investments, residential construction R&D has lagged far behind other industries that have focused more aggressively on technology adoption, digitization, and productivity gains.

In recent years, however, housing has become somewhat of a hot ticket—sparking interest from outsiders and frustrated insiders alike who want to be part of the next big idea and transform an industry that’s ripe for change. Unprecedented amounts of venture financing is being injected into real estate technology companies to unlock new market opportunities.

With this in mind, how should we think about financing housing innovation today? And, if you have an idea of your own, how can you stand out from the crowd?

Note: We will be interviewing our third panelist individually and will share with the community very soon. Insights from Chris Langford, Idea Fund Partners still to come!

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