Libertyville, IL

DIGIBILT's mission is to deliver 30% profit margin improvement to their builder customer.  AUTOMATE Communication & Project Management INCREASE Labor Productivity REDUCE Material WasteDIGIBILT takes DIGITAL CONTROL of 5 Critical Building Factors.  Process DIGIBILT collaborated with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to define the standard by which a home is built. Homes built with DIGIBILT’s technology will be certified by UL. Design A DIGITAL model of the home is created capturing all component details and a BILTiD™ is issued (like a VIN for a car). Project management reporting & required building information is automatically generated from the DIGITAL model. Material Bill of Materials with SKU level detail are generated from the DIGITAL model. Once the material is delivered to the site, it’s scanned and correlated with the DIGITAL model & a data repository. Labor Work Plans and trade-specific, time-sequenced Instruction Plans are generated from the DIGITAL model. DIGIBILT tracks worker productivity via daily texts, Interactive Voice Recognition calls & Work Plan updates. Each day the system reports on who was there, what was done and impact on Work Plan. This will bring an unprecedented level of accountability to the industry. Data The data gathered by DIGIBILT’s technology, such as worker productivity rates for a specific task, does not exist in the industry. This data will be invaluable to improve the building process.