ARaymond Industrialized Construction

Rochester Hills, MI

With more than 150 years of product innovation and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, ARaymond has become one of the world’s foremost assembly solution providers. Heavily focused on innovation and engineering, ARaymond combines its own technical expertise with the customers’ market sector skills to enable the development of revolutionary assembly solutions that can eliminate the need for tools, improve ergonomics, streamline manufacturing, REDUCE TOTAL COST and facilitate serviceability.

We see the industrialized construction movement paralleling the automotive industrialization movement of the past. Understanding the unique needs and the requirement for optimized efficiency faced by the industrialized construction industry, ARaymond strives to create sustainable fastening and assembly solutions adapted for current and future building challenges.
  • Design + Livability
  • ESG + Decarbonization
  • Future of Housing
  • Industrialization
  • Rethinking Labor
  • Vertical Integration
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Off-site
  • ESG + Decarbonization