Off-Site Heat Map

Production Housing Heat Map of Off-Site Construction Service Providers

Production homebuilders and developers are becoming more and more interested in partnering with off-site solution providers to construct and deliver housing. This tool has become a one-stop-shop to find providers who work with the residential market.

We’d like to thank the industry associations and Alliance project champions, who have helped us identify nearly 1,500 locations so far.

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Component Providers

No Walls – Mfr

may offer kits of parts, roof trusses, floor trusses, etc., but does not provide installation or prefabricated wall panels

No Walls – Mfr + Install

may offer roof trusses, floor trusses and other components and provides installation services

Wall Panel Providers

Walls – Mfr

component offering includes wall panels, but installation services are not offered

Walls – Mfr + Install

component offering includes wall panels, and installation services are provided

Insulated Walls – Mfr

offering includes insulated wall panels, but installation services are not offered

Insulated Walls – Mfr + Install

offering includes insulated wall panels, and installation services are offered

modular Providers


volumetric; multiple segments create a complete structure

Kitchen + Bath Pods

volumetric, prefabricated rooms



Certified Framers

framers who have demonstrated experience with installing components in the field

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NOTE: While we understand the interest in getting the Heat Map data in spreadsheet format, much of the data has been shared by professional industry associations under the condition that we can only distribute the data to the Alliance community—and the industry at large—in map format. We are permitted to and plan to analyze the raw data for trends. If there is any trend related information that would be useful to you, please let us know.