2020 Keynote: Craig Collin, Linkedin Live DCL

This #LinkedInLIVE Keynote featuring Craig Collin, COO of Tavistock Development Company spoke to “THE FUTURE OF HOME DELIVERY as a Master Planned Community Developer.” Kicking off the Housing Innovation Staycation.

Some examples of what was thrown at Craig from those who tuned in:
?How has the current climate impacted your plans for 2020?

?How are you working with your diverse group of businesses to get through the new normal?

?Whats different now than in 2007/2008? What did you learn then, how is Tavistock applying those lessons now?

?What fail-forwards are you bringing to Sunbridge?

?How do you identify and select partners?

?What’s the benefit of diversifying your partnerships, working with companies big and small? New and well-established?

All of this and the #Staycation event is still to come! Learn more: http://www.housinginnovationalliance.com/events/special/housing-innovation-staycation-april-22-2020

Thank you to Dave Cooper Live!

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