3rd Tuesday: Materials, Construction Practices + Flexibility – How We Build w/ Today’s Supply Chain

How should we be thinking differently about what we deliver and the way we deliver in the future to ensure our products and processes don’t become obsolete?

You’ll hear from:​

• Richard Baker of IBACOS brings a 3rd party perspective on building science and quality management in production homebuilding, helping builders develop quality standards and reduce risk
• Corey Donahue of Bettr Homes will share his experience as a real estate investor, affordable zero energy ready homebuilder and SIPS panel provider
• Michael Emanuel of Broadstreet Homes and Synergy Steel will discuss steel as an alternative — both as a homebuilder and the leader of the SYNTECH design, engineering and permitting division
• Blake Gustafson of STRAND AE will provide a structural engineering lens, having worked with a number of production homebuilders to develop material-wise strategies while maintaining durability and performance
• CR Herro will represent the national homebuilder’s perspective with an eye on innovation, scalability, value and performance and experimentation with a number of building strategies

This is a big issue that someone needs to solve. Listen in and continue the conversation with us to help our industry put innovation into action.

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