Build for Rent as an Innovation Tipping Point

According to Brad Hunter at Hunter Housing Economics, investment in build-for-rent development is expanding rapidly, but the pace of rental home construction is still falling far behind demand. Including all types of built-for-rent communities, Hunter expects construction to commence on 120,000 homes for rent this year, rising further in 2023, but that higher level of production still won’t meet all of the demand.

What’s the attraction? Build-for-rent creates a win-win for consumers who desire a home but can’t afford to buy and builders, developers and investors who are looking to deliver more housing with greater repeatability, fewer headaches, and ongoing revenue opportunities.

In this discussion, we dig into the factors that make BFR the perfect sandbox for innovation in housing and share examples of how it is driving adoption of new supply chain strategies, materials and construction methods, off-site production, digital tools and alternative finance models.

Hear from:
• Jeff Hopfenbeck, Founder, Simple Homes
• Kelli Lawrence, CEO, Onyx + East
• Brad Hunter, President, Hunter Housing Economics
• Dennis Steigerwalt, President, Housing Innovation Alliance

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