Flashpoint Building Systems: Laser Engraving + Construction Efficiency

No surprise, labor and the need for more skilled workers is a pain point impeding efficiency and business success. Nick Stoppello and Patrick Churchman from Flashpoint Building Systems showed how tech and data can help gain greater efficiencies on the job site with their integrated layout system.

The company laser engraves a combined set of architectural, mechanical, engineering and plumbing plans onto a subfloor for homebuilding. It becomes a map for the construction crew. Labor saves time by not having to cut pieces, not having to pull strings to measure, not having to interpret drawings. The immediate savings is at minimum a day’s worth of work for at least two people for every trade on the job. Because it’s an easy visual, it’s also helpful if language is a barrier. And because it’s intuitive, it can be empowering for labor who understand right away what needs to be done on site.

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