Not Just ESG | Edwin Tatum

An excerpt from June 2022 Third Tuesday: Using Industrialized Construction to Drive ESG Metrics.

“You know, both had great answers, you know, for us, it’s, you know, having the incumbents look at the bigger picture from a comprehensive perspective in that it’s not just a ESG thing. It’s not just a financial savings tool. It’s what value can we get? So we can pass that on to our customers and in our opinion, prefabrication and modular construction, particularly because we’re building to the same code, right? We’re building to the international building code… This is nothing novel. Even manufactured housing has been around for a hundred years. The only thing we’re doing to Jack’s points were layering technology in places that it makes sense to augment human capital, not supplement human capital. And then we’re saying, -this is a guaranteed delivery day. You don’t have to worry about change orders anymore. Cause once we start going, there is no turning back. And so planning is very, very critical.”

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